Yes, with the garagedoor access on the groundfloor, you can roll or push your large equipment easily inside. No stairs or narrow corridors. 

Yes, we do love animals more than humans, so as long as the animals come for a cuddle every now and then, we're good. For wild animals, for in the scene for example, an animal handler should be present.

Yes, there are no windows in the studio area, so blacking out is easy done

We can arrange catering for you if you wish us to do so. Let us know how many people you expect and if anybody has any dietary requirements, and we'll plan accordingly

Yes, a car or even 2 cars fit inside. The largest vehicle we had was an Ambulance, so anything smaller than that should fit. You can even park your own car inside if you want to dodge the price of street parking

If you let us know upfront, the studio can be painted any color you wish. Do keep in mind of the sizes. We invite you before the shoot so we can discuss and mark off the required measurents.

Yes, you can bring your own lighting equipment, however we do offer an amazing discount if you rent lights from us, as they are already there. Bringing a whole rental truck is not so much reccomended, as most of the equipment will be double and takes up space. 

You can also make a nice mix, use our lights and grip, and then bring some of your own specialty lights

You can play loud music as long as it doesn't bother any of the neighbouring buildings, but we've never had complaints!

Parking in Amsterdam is expensive unfortunately. Streetparking is around €6 an hour. Luckily there are always enough empty parking spaces, so you don't need spend much precious time looking for a place to park. You can secretly leave your car on the loading / unloading space in front of our garage although it's not 100% risk free

Yes, we are pretty flexible when it comes to your schedule. But be aware that forcing a multiple day shoot into 1 day to cut costs, will result in tired crew and not optimal results. Its always adviced to plan properly and try not to make a day longer than 12 hours. 

If you plan for instance to after midnight, but the next morning a different production is scheduled, then we do expect you to leave the venue super clean, as it gives us no time to reset between the productions. 

The studio is NOT soundproof. However lot's of productions have worked here just fine while recording audio. It's strongly advised to use a lavalier mic as well as a boom mic.  

The street outside is not noisy, we are also not under an airplane route. It is up to you how important audio is. If you just have a few lines here or there it will be fine. But if you seek multiple hours of very important uninterrupted audio recording, you best opt for a voice over strategy or find a fully soundproof location. 

No, there is no shower, just a sink in the kitchen or bathroom

We love dangerous things, but please let us know upfront so we can verify if you took proper safety measurements as the risk will be on you. 
Smoking (in the scene) is discreetly allowed. Suspending a person or animal from our lighting trusses is not allowed.

A professional SFX person can assist you in some dangerous setups

When you come to the studio we will let you know:)