Kinefinity Mavo Edge 8K - Westerpark Studio Amsterdam
  • Stunning 8K 75P CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • Internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND
  • Dual SSD slot
  • Carbon Fiber lightweight
Camera Type Large Format Digital Cinema Camera
Imaging Sensor 8K 3:2 Full Frame CMOS Imaging Sensor
Max Record Res 8192x5456 (3:2 Open Gate), 44.7M
Frame Rate  8K Wide 0.2~75fps
Active Area 36x24mm, ø 43.3mm
Dual Base ISO Regular Base ISO: 800 High Base ISO: 3200 
Latitude >14 stops 
Shutter Angle 0.7°~358° with rolling shutter 
Lens Mount Native KineMOUNT with 15mm FFD Adapters: PL/LPL/Active EF/passive E 
Optical Filter  Optical LPF with UV and IR-cut filter
ND Filter Built-in motorized: Clear and e-ND from 0.6 to 2.1
  Resolution Frame Rate Codec Optical Format
Full Frame FF 8K Wide 8192x3456, 0.2~75fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 36x15.2mm, ø 39.1mm
  FF 8K DCI 8192x4320, 0.2~60fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 36x19mm, ø 40.7mm
  FF 8K Open Gate 8192x5456, 0.2~48fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 36x24mm, ø 43.3mm
  FF 6K DCI (Oversample) 6144x3240 0.2~60fps ProRes 36x19mm, ø 43.3mm
  FF 4K DCI (Oversample) 4096x2160, 0.2~60fps ProRes 36x19mm, ø 43.3mm
  FF 2K DCI (Oversample)  2048x1080, 0.2~60fps ProRes 36x19mm, ø 43.3mm
S35 S35 6K Wide 6144x2560, 0.2~100fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 27x11.3mm,  ø 29.3mm
  S35 6K DCI 6144x3240, 0.2~80fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 27x14.2mm,  ø 30.5mm
  S35 5K Wide 5120x2160, 0.2~120fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 22.5x9.5mm,  ø 24.4mm
  S35 5K DCI 5120x2704, 0.2~96fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 22.5x11.9mm, ø 25.5mm
  S35 4:3 Ana 5120x3840, 0.2~60fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 22.5x16.9mm,  ø 28.1mm
  S35 6:5 Ana 5120x4096, 0.2~60fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 22.5x18mm,  ø 28.8mm
  S35 1:1 Ana 4096x4096, 0.2~60fps ProRes RAW or ProRes 18x18mm,  ø 25.5mm
  S35 4K DCI (Oversample)  4096x2160, 0.2~80fps ProRes 27x14.2mm,  ø 30.5mm
  S35 2K DCI (Oversample) 2048x1080, 0.2~80fps ProRes 27x14.2mm,  ø 30.5mm
Others 4K Wide 4096x1600, 0.2~160fps ProRes RAW or ProRes  
  4K DCI 4096x2160, 0.2~120fps ProRes RAW or ProRes  
  2K  Wide 2048x860, 0.2~300fps ProRes RAW or ProRes  
  2K HD 2048x1080, 0.2~240fps ProRes RAW or ProRes  

Codec Format, Color

  Codec Type Codec Format Bit Depth Notes
Record Codec ProRes RAW Quicktime mov 12bits  ProRes RAW HQ included
ProRes4444XQ Quicktime mov 12bits   
ProRes4444 Quicktime mov 12bits   
ProRes422HQ Quicktime mov 10bits  ProRes422/LT included
Proxy Format H264 mp4 8bits Proxy recording when fps <=30 
Color, LUT KineLOG3, Neutral(Rec 709), Support Custom 3D LUT      
Record Media

Media Slot x2,

for KineMAG Nano SSD based on NVMe M.2 SSD 

Media Size (WxHxL) 1.5x3.4x0.3" / 39x87x7 mm      
Monitoring Proprietary Video Port x2, for Kinefinity Viewfinder, KineMON-5U, KineMON-7U
3G/1.5G SDI x2 with Meta data (regular BNC) type-c usb x1 for iOS Device with Kinefinity App
Audio sampling spec Linear PCM, 24bits, 48KHz 
Audio input

In-cam MIC, mono
3.5mm Stereo MIC

48V Phantom Power Balanced Input x2 (regular XLR)

Audio output 3.5mm Stereo Headphone
Wireless & Network  
Wired Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45 type) for live stream, camera control and data transfer

Bluetooth 5.0 

WIFI 5 for live stream, camera control

3-axis accelerometer


SYNC and Control  
Timecode Linear TC In&Out (0B5P)
Sync Genlock (regular BNC) 
Control Lens with RS232, Power output (0B6P)
Multi-sync, Control  SYNC with RS232 and Kinefinity camera sync(0B7P)
RS Rec trigger input with Power output (fisher 3P) 
Extention Data&Control, EXT 1 and EXT 2 (for pogo-pin, 10 contacts) 
USB type-c usb x1 same with above monitoring usb-c, also works for firmware update, custom LUT importation
Power consumption 32W, when 8K 25p, liveview
Power Inputs Integrated Hybrid battery plate, V-mount battery or BP-U compatible DC Input (1B2P), 11~19V UPS EXT 3(for pogo-pin, 8 contacts)
Power Outputs D-tap x1, Vin@2A; Vin as DC in or BAT in RS x1, Vin@4A Lens x1, Vin@4A
Construction and Size  
Body Material  Carbon Fiber with Aluminum Alloy 
Body Weight  2.6lb/1.2kg 
Size(WxHxL)  4.1x4.8x4.7" / 105x121x119 mm (*w/o protrusion)
Operating Temp -20°C to +40°C